Toshiba Satellite Pro R850 Function Key Combinations (Laptop)

F2 key when the Toshiba Leading Innovation >>> screen appears - the BIOS setup program will load.
Fn + EscSwitch built-in speaker on/off.
Fn + F1Puts laptop into "Lock computer mode".  To restore your desktop, you will need to log back in.
Fn + F2Switch between power settings.
Fn + F3Puts the laptop into sleep mode.
Fn + F4Puts the laptop into Hibernation mode.
Fn + F5Switch between laptop screen and external display.
Fn + F6Decrease display brightness.
Fn + F7Increase display brightness.
Fn + F8Switch Wireless devices on/off.
Fn + F9 Switch Touchpad on/off.
Fn + F12Switch scroll lock on/off.
Fn + Tab Ejects the disc tray.
Fn + Space Switch between the display resolution.
Fn + 1 Switch the zooming utility to zoom out.
Fn + 2 Switch the zooming utility to zoom in.
Fn + 3Decrease built-in speaker volume.
Fn + 4Increase built-in speaker volume.

Download Toshiba Satellite Pro R850 Manual

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