Acer Aspire 9800/9810 Function Key Combinations (Notebooks)

F2 key during POST to access BIOS.
Fn + F1Displays help on hotkeys.
Fn + F2Launches Acer eSettings in Acer Empowering Technology.
Fn + F3Launches the Acer ePower Management in Acer Empowering Technology.
Fn + F4Puts the notebook in Sleep mode.
Fn + F5Switch between notebook screen and external display.
Fn + F6Turns display screen backlight off to save power. Press any key to return.
Fn + F7Switch Touchpad on/off.
Fn + F8Switch built-in speaker on/off.
Fn + F11 Switch Num Lock on/off.
Fn + F12 Switch Scroll Lock on/off.
Fn + Up ArrowIncrease speaker volume.
Fn + Down ArrowDecrease speaker volume.
Fn + Right ArrowIncrease display brightness.
Fn + Left ArrowDecrease display brightness.

Garmin Forerunner 305 will not turn on after charging.

My Garmin Forerunner 305 running watch was not turning on after charging.   This instructions should reboot the watch and turn it back on.

1.  Press the mode button and then the lap button.  Hold these buttons for at least 10 seconds before depressing the buttons.

2.  Press the On button.

These instructions are good to remember as you might need to do this before a race.