Lenovo Thinkpad L420, L421 and L520 Function Key combinations (Notebook)

F1key when ThinkPad logo comes up, to enter the BIOS
Fn + F1Reserved.
Fn + F2Lock the notebook.
Fn + F3Select a power plan (in Windows XP, power scheme) that has been created by Power Manager, or adjust the power level by using the slider control. When you press this combination, a panel for selecting a power plan (power scheme) appears.
Fn + F4Put the notebook into sleep (standby) mode.  To return to normal operation, press the Fn key only, without pressing a function key.  To cause the computer to return from sleep (standby) mode and resume operation, do one of the following:

- Press the Fn key.
- Open the LCD cover.
- Turn on the power switch.
Fn + F5Switch Wireless devices on/off.
Fn + F6Change the webcam settings and the setting of the microphone mute button.
Fn + F8Change the settings of the UltraNav® pointing device.
Fn + F9Reserved.
Fn + F10Reserved.
Fn + F11Reserved.
Fn+PgUp Switch ThinkLight(on selected models) on/off.  The ThinkLight is a little LED light integrated into the notebook. It helps users work in low light conditions.
Fn + Home Increase display brightness.
Fn + End Decrease display brightness.
Fn + SpaceEnable the FullScreen Magnifier function.
Fn + ScrLkSwitch Num Lock on/off.
Fn + PauseHas the same function as the Break key.
Fn + Down ArrowPlay or Pause
Fn + Up ArrowStop
Fn + Right Arrow Next Track
Fn + Left ArrowPrevious Track

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