Toshiba Satellite C640/C665 Function Key Combinations (Laptop)

Fn + Esc Switch built-in speaker on/off.
Fn + F1Blanks the display and activates instant security.   The user login screen appear and a user will need to log back in to gain access to the laptop.
Fn + F2Switch between power plans.
Fn + F3Puts the laptop into Sleep mode.
Fn + F4Puts the laptop into Hibernation mode.
Fn + F5Switch between laptop screen and external display.
Fn + F6Decrease display brightness.
Fn + F7Increase display brightness.
Fn + F8Switch wireless on/off.
Fn + F9Switch touchpad on/off.
Fn + F10Switch cursor control overlay on/off.
Fn + F11Switch numeric overlay on/off.
Fn + F12Switch scroll lock on/off.
Fn + SpaceCharges the display resolution.
Fn + 1Switch the zooming utility to zoom out.
Fn + 2Switch the zooming utility to zoom in.
Fn + 3Decrease built-in speaker volume.
Fn + 4Increase built-in speaker volume.

The Toshiba Hardware Setup is run from windows and is used for configuring the laptop.

To run the Toshiba Hardware Setup, click Start, All programs, Toshiba, Utilities and then HWSetup, or click the Toshiba Hardware Setup icon in the Optimize tab of Toshiba Assist.

The Hardware Setup tabs are Boot Priority, Display, General, Keyboard, LAN, Password, SATA and USB .

Download Toshiba Satellite C640/C665 manual

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