Samsung NC10 Function key combinations (Netbook)

F2 Key when the Samsung logo appears during post to enter the BIOS.
Fn + F2Shows the remaining battery charge.  You can only use this function when the Easy Display Manager program is installed.
Fn + F3Types the euro.
Fn + F4Switch between laptop screen and external display.
Fn + F5Turns the LCD backlight on/off.
Fn + F6Switch the built-in speaker on/off.
Fn + F7Launch the Samsung Magic Doctor.  This  is a system diagnosis, recovery and Internet consultation program. 
Fn + F8Launch Easy SpeedUp Manager.  Switch between operation modes either for maximum performance or low noise/low power consumption.  The operation modes are Silent, Normal and Speed.
Fn + F9Switch Wireless on/off.
Fn + F10Switch Touchpad on/off.
Fn + F11Switch Num Lock on/off.
Fn + F12Switch Scroll Lock on/off.
Fn + ↑Increase display brightness.
Fn + ↓Decrease display brightness.
Fn + →Increase built-in speaker volume.
Fn + ←Decrease built-in speaker volume.

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