MSI Wind U270 Function Key Combinations (Notebook)

Del Key during POST to access BIOS.
Fn + F2Switch between notebook screen and external display.
Fn + F3Switch touchpad on/off.
Fn + F4Launch the User Defined application.
Fn + F5Switch among various power saving modes provided by ECO Engine.
Fn + F6Switch Webcam on/off.
Fn + F8Switch Wireless on/off.
Fn + F9Switch Bluetooth on/off.
Fn + F12Force the notebook into sleep mode.
Fn + ↑    Increase display brightness.
Fn + ↓    Decrease display brightness.
Fn + → Increase built-in speaker volume.
Fn + ← Decrease built-in speaker volume.
Fn + EndSwitch the built-in speaker on/off.

Download MSI Wind U270 Manual

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