Dell Latitude E6410 Function key combinations (Laptop)

F2 key during POST to get into BIOS.
F12 Boot device menu.
Fn + F1Sleep/Hiberate per power management settings.
Fn + F2Switch battery charger on/off.
Fn + F3DCP Power Manager Battery Status.
Fn + F4Switch Num Lk on/off.
Fn + F5Switch Scroll Lock on/off.
Fn + F7Launches DCP(Dell Control Point).
Fn + F8Switch between laptop screen and external display.
Fn + DSwitch display off/on. Helps save the battery without shutting machine down.
Fn + ZReset fan temperature table and sensor.
Fn + →keyboard illumination off/on.
Fn + ←Switch Display Ambient Light Sensor off/on (brightness varies with ambient lighting).

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